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About Thena


My name is Claire and I am the proprietor of Thena Cruelty-Free Cosmetics.

Me and my dog Jess Me and my Dog Jess

Why I started

I began trading online to create my own work opportunity. Despite a BA Degree and a Post-Grad (MA), I felt unemployable. I was in my 50s and disabled after having a stroke. Although I have recovered significantly since then, I still have challenges. So, I decided to work online. I started selling various items through eBay and Amazon, then tried a few market stalls.

My eldest daughter has been vegetarian for many years and was studying makeup at college. When I ordered my first batch of cosmetics, she was thrilled to find that they were mostly cruelty-free. This, I admit, wasn’t intentional at the time. However, when a customer, also committed to cruelty-free, noticed the quality and the affordable prices, she informed me that she was struggling to find a new supplier since she discovered Avon were no longer 100% cruelty-free. I spoke to my daughter and we did some research, primarily on the PeTA website and discovered this was true. We were horrified.

How the animals suffer How the animals suffer

An Horrific Turning Point

When I looked at the images and read the reports on PeTA, I immediately vowed to only wear or sell cruelty-free products. This was a turning-point for me. Not only had I found a niche to work in, but I had found a new mission – to save the animals. I have always been an animal lover (as my Staffie, Jess will attest), but, like many, I had never really thought about where my cosmetic, household, or other products came from. Nor had I considered how they were tested.


Help support the campaign for Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

And so, Thena Cosmetics was born.  And, whilst I focus on providing cruelty-free cosmetics, I also support cruelty-free household, bath, and other beauty products (if you feel the same and are looking for natural, hand-made, quality bath products and creams, have a look at Tigs-exquisites on Facebook). I hope you feel as I do and want to stop this terrible practice. There are, nowadays, many other tried and tested methods of testing that do not require a living creature to be harmed. So, please only ever buy cruelty-free products and help us help stop the torture of animals.

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