Cosmetics 100% Cruelty-Free Affordable Beauty Without Cruelty
                   Cosmetics100% Cruelty-FreeAffordable Beauty Without Cruelty

Our mission: to provide quality, affodable, and most importantly - 100% cruelty-free cosmetic products.

Some of our products are also Vegan-friendly (look for the (V), or select Vegan from the menu.


We currently stock mostly WetnWild, I love..., Mememe, Constance Carroll, Boots 17, Black Radiance, Markwins, and BarryM. All our products are very affordable, yet incredibly good quality. Don't be fooled by the prices!

A Note to all our prospective customers:


We are still in the process of editing our new website and uploading our products. This is a time-consuming process but we are working as quickly as possible. If you don't see what you are looking for, pleasecome back at a later time and view our updates.


Please let us know if you are looking for something specific and we will do our upmost to ensure any suitable items are uploaded quickly for you.

Although EU regulations enforce cruelty-free makeup in the EU, some companies are still using these horrific practices in other parts of the world. This is paricularly the case for those companies who compete in the Chinese market where testing on animals is compulsory for compaies who sell to the public (retail only, as production is not subject to this regulation). We support organisations, such as PeTA who strive to put an end to this practice globally.

Online & Offline

As well as offering our products online, we also take our products out to various markets, fairs, and events. Sign up to our newletter to find out where we in the UK we are visiting and take the opportunity to test some of the products we offer. You can also find us on Facebook and eBay.


We make every effort to include vegan-friendly products in our catalogue. Some of the brands we stack are completely vegan. Look for Mememe or the (V) symbol.


Our philosophy

Modern testing methods remove the need for painful animal testing, therefore, there is no need, nor no excuse for opting to torture animals in order for human vanity. We only support companies who refuse to test on animals.

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Always affordable, always quality.

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